One of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations, with expertise in solving problems in all aspects of manufacturing, fabrication and whole-life integrity management technologies.Established 1946 and with facilities across the globe, the company has a first class reputation for service through its teams of internationally respected consultants, scientists, engineers and support staff, whose knowledge and expertise are available to its Industrial Members as and when they require.With a long history of invention, innovation and knowledge transfer, We continues to develop its staff and its technical knowhow in engineering, materials and joining technologies, alongside the valuable training and professional support services it offers to Members.

Our Team Leaders

Christoph Wiesner

Chief Executive

Christoph joined TWI in 1991 after obtaining a materials science degree in Germany.

Aamir Khalid

Director of Technology

Aamir graduated in Applied Physics from University College, London, and pursued a career in NDT.

Gillian Leech

Director of Finance

Qualified in accountancy, Gillian came to TWI in 1996 as a Financial/Business Analyst.

Reza Razmjoo

Director of Business Development

Obtained his doctorate from UMIST, Reza was in TWI’s Structural Integrity Development.

Breakthrough technology


Innovation is vital in today's knowledge driven economy and is often the factor that separates successful businesses from those that fail. Ideas influence business in different ways depending on their significance. These ideas can range from incremental improvements on known techniques to step-change technologies that may bring disruptive change.We have a rich and well-publicised history of innovation and invention dating back to the time of the Welding Research Association in the 1940s. Memorable highlights from the past include the CTOD method for measuring fracture toughness, the Wells wide plate test, types of high powered CO2 laser, and many innovations in the use of laser, friction, arc, adhesive bonding and other technologies related to welding, joining, coating and testing

Support for UK regions

Welding and joining are key enabling technologies in all sectors of industry involved in products made with engineering materials - from heavy structures and power plant, to microelectronics and medical devices.we meet the individual needs of companies or industry sectors, within specific geographic regions by providing technology transfer programmes geared to prevailing socio-economic conditions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have an ongoing commitment to and awareness of its corporate social responsibilities (CSR).This includes a strategic approach to the technology impact of work it carries out for Industrial Member companies, and the reach and effect of its worldwide training programmes. As an organisation, we continue to develop and enhance quality,safety and environmental procedures at each of its centres in the  overseas.A recent drive to increase the company's interaction with local communities through charity projects and strengthened partnerships with neighbouring schools, colleges and universities is supporting practical and creative initiatives and providing an awareness of the different routes into engineering along with careers information, advice and guidanc


Power 92%
Flexibility 64%
Customization 87%
Technology 75%
Innovation 82%