What are the most annoying workplace habits?

What are the most annoying workplace habits?

Let’s face it. The workplace can be full of annoying things. Annoying tasks, annoying coworkers, and annoying rules. Yet, the phenomenon of annoyance isn’t something unique to the workplace. Indeed, no matter where more than one person congregates, annoyance will inevitable creep in. It simply comes with the territory. With that understanding, though, let’s focus for a a few paragraphs on the workplace annoyances. What are the most annoying workplace habits?

Do you ever cringe when your coworker in the cubicle next door decides to play her music just a little too loudly? Or what about the one who decides it’s a great idea to eat those smelly corn nuts (Ranch flavor, no less). With that one, you get a double-whammy of annoyance: (1) the smells and (2) the loud crunching sounds. Well, those are just a few of the many things that workplace “professionals” have chalked-up as the most annoying workplace habits. Let’s continue the list, shall we?

Here are the ten most annoying workplace habits

(1) Playing music too loudly

(2) Eating loudly

(3) Eating smelly food

(4) Scheduling unnecessary meetings

(5) Talking too loudly on the phone

(6) Complaining about other workers to you

(7) Changing the room temperature without talking to others

(8) Canvasing the office for donations to your child’s charity

(9) Coming to work when you’re obviously ill

(10) Removing shoes to reveal smelly feet


Yes, there are a lot of things that annoy other people. And it’s nearly impossible to avoid every single one of them. But, if you want to at least be less annoying, consider asking yourself (in your mind, of course) this question prior to doing just about anything in the workplace. Here is the question: “Would I be annoyed if my co-worker(s) did the thing I’m about to do?” If the answer is yes, then stop it!