As one of the world’s foremost engineering research and technology firms, we are ideally placed to serve as an expert consultant to its Member companies.Ours is an organisation founded on in-depth knowledge of materials joining and engineering technologies, and how these are applied in industry. We can offer advice and guidance on issues affecting your business right now – from asset life management, combatting corrosion and selecting the right joining technique for a niche application, to refining health and safety protocol, improving quality assurance or interpreting an ISO standard.Our experts can provide you with the solution to a problem of any size.Sometimes it may only take a phone call or an e-mail to one of our engineers. Or, we can work with you in the longer term on a more complex study such as bespoke testing on a component; identifying the best way to bring a new product to market; or devising new manufacturing methods.If your business involves the application of science and technology, we can help you to improve what you do.

Confidential single client projects

We carry out hundreds of confidential research and development projects for individual companies every year, using rigorous scientific methods to conduct tests, generate comprehensive results and draw detailed conclusions.We can work with you on novel designs, for example, or in tailoring fabrication processes and inspection techniques, at the same time improving safety, efficiency and profitability.