Managing structural integrity is fundamental to ensure engineered structures and components remain safe and productive.

Effective inspection and risk management minimises the risk of catastrophic failure and the likelihood of having to take components out of service, maximises operational efficiency, and promotes asset life extension.

We have developed world-leading capabilities in structural integrity management. We design and progress asset integrity management strategies that enable our members to avoid engineering failure, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise operating expenditure.

We have a multidisciplinary team of more than 150 consultants, engineers and technicians dedicated to the development and application of advanced inspection techniques, structural integrity assessment and risk management.

We work with organisations of all sizes to select the right inspection procedure, providing technical input through research and development, consultancy, practical trials and training.

Supported by our worldwide reputation for structural integrity and inspection research, our ongoing involvement in the development of key engineering standards our training and examinations resources and a growing range of tailored inspection software, we offer a complete service both in the laboratory and on-site.

Current areas of research and consultancy

At any one time our team of consultants could be working on hundreds of projects, but some current areas of focus include:

  • Large-scale fracture and fatigue testing
  • Fatigue and fracture assessment of materials in aggressive environment
  • Development of advanced NDT inspection systems, including automation
  • Asset life extension
  • Mooring chain inspection and assessment
  • High-temperature phased array ultrasonic and guided wave testing.