key factors to make shipbuilding more efficient

key factors to make shipbuilding more efficient

Factor 1: Using 3D CAD and drawing review 

3D CAD design can take away lots of obstructions in the production phase: “In my experience 3-D modeling led to vast improvements in production efficiency.” A detailed drawing review with all external stakeholders (ship owner, but also classification and regulation authorities) can also prevent lots of rework.

Factor 2: Production planning

Upfront production planning is considered important in an efficient shipbuilding process: “The ship owners need to know what they want build down to the minutest detail. The shipyard then must plan how to build it in great detail.”

Factor 3: Advanced infrastructure and logistics

Modern shipbuilding infrastructure enables high quality production and just-in-time delivery. This is where the shipbuilding industry can learn from other manufacturers., for example, is one of the most successful just-in-time manufacturers of consumable goods in the nation. This is a direct result of their advanced logistics and warehouse capabilities.

A solution lies in production automation: “Implementation of automation may help to save valuable time and reduce human error. It can also be linked up with the design department.” Fabrication shops should be designed in a way that material handling time is minimized, in which logistical solutions can play an important role.

Factor 4: Aligning internal communication

Good internal communication and feedback is crucial to every step in the shipbuilding production process. Upfront production and operational feedback in the design phase prevents costly revisions and rework at a later stage. Consistent information sharing between different departments is key: “With today’s improvement in design and production technology, the complete process could be streamlined by using already available information, rather than different CAD systems and spreadsheets.”

Factor 5: Excellent leadership and workforce

Everything comes to be executed by humans. Successful shipyards rely on excellent leadership and a skilled workforce. This may seem obvious, but many shipyards are still lacking in having the right people at key positions. “A smart CEO attracts, retains and protects bright talents – the most important scarce resource in the world.”