January 2016 Is Best Growth Month Ever for Melaleuca

January 2016 Is Best Growth Month Ever for Melaleuca

Melaleuca, which has been manufacturing consumable goods in the U.S. since 1985, had its best growth month on record in January. More than 130,000 customers joined up with Melaleuca last month alone.

Company CEO Frank VanderSloot shared his company’s news on Twitter:

Plenty of companies never even see 130,000 customers total during the life of their business. The company shared some stats to provide an idea of just how many new customers 130,000 in month is:

• Melaleuca’s 130,000 new customers in January were enough to fill the Super Bowl stadium almost twice
• The number of people living in 130,000 households exceeds the populations of Tampa or Pittsburgh
• On average, Melaleuca welcomed a new customer every 20 seconds during the month of January
• Melaleuca manufactured and shipped enough boxes of products that, if stacked on top of one another, they would be three times the height of Mount Everest

Melaleuca grew substantially last month thanks in part to several new products. We mentioned Melaleuca coffee in a previous post, but the company also launched a new toilet bowl cleaner, a new line of men’s personal care products, and several new essential oil products.

Melaleuca has two manufacturing facilities—one in Idaho, where the company is headquartered, and one in Tennessee. The company currently manufactures and direct ships some 480 products to customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia.

One interesting note about the products Melaleuca manufactures and ships is the company’s philosophy on the environment. In order to cut down on its carbon footprint, the company refuses to ship water. Instead, it manufactures highly concentrated cleaning products that customers add water to at home. This cuts down on greenhouse emissions and also reduces the amount of plastic it ships to customers.

Learn more about Melaleuca.com on YouTube.