We have a proud history of original thinking and invention, and over the course of its history has delivered significant innovations to industry.

Ours was where the now-prevalent joining method of friction stir welding was invented, as well as the crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) test for measuring fracture toughness and early developments in laser cutting technology.More recent innovation includes advanced laser cutting for decommissioning of contaminated nuclear waste skips, along with developments in metallic spraying onto composites and tailored non-destructive testing techniques for composites and plastic pipes.

The Teletest long-range guided wave ultrasonic testing system for detecting corrosion in pipelines was also invented here, and its success is now being managed by us.Research here is carried out across a number of different channels, by the company either acting alone or in partnership with Member companies and other research and technology organisations, academic institutions and enterprises.

Avenues of research

Our core research programme is a multimillion-pound, market-driven schedule of research that investigates areas of interest relevant to various industry sectors.Joint industry project bring Member companies together, pooling resources and expertise to develop solutions that benefit all involved through the completion of substantial research projects.

We are also involved in publicly funded research, working with partner organisations to develop improvements to technology and techniques that are in the public interest. With more than two decades’ experience co-ordinating these programmes, we are also able to provide guidance to other organisations wishing to be involved in similar projects.