Our dedicated team of industry specialists add value to almost every conceivable industry sector – from offshore oil and gas, civil engineering and nuclear power, to electronics, advanced aircraft (both civilian and military), medical equipment and solar power.Because we serve such a broad client base we understand and appreciate that different industries have different needs. That’s why we tailor our response to the specific requirements of your industry.our research programme is market driven. We identify key technologies in each area of business and pursue these to deliver maximum value to our Members, whatever their specialism.


Our expertise has contributed to the safe, reliable and economic extraction, production and transportation of hydrocarbons from onshore and offshore oil and gas fields for more than 50 years.



Our power industry experts help utility companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), research organisations, service companies, nuclear decommissioning agencies and regulators to ensure the safe, continuous and profitable operation of all kinds of energy generation and electrical power distribution plant and assets.


We have provided technical advice and consultancy to the worldwide aerospace industry – including the main airframe, engine and main component manufacturers – for many years. We offer novel solutions in joining technology for the broadest range of aerospace materials and safety-critical applications.


We provide advice, consultancy, research and development, and specialist testing facilities to the shipbuilding industry and its supply chain, focusing on improving productivity in manufacturing, reducing the need for reworking, and identifying and remedying problems of corrosion and fatigue.


Integrity Management

Managing structural integrity is fundamental to ensure engineered structures and components remain safe and productive.Effective inspection and risk management minimises the risk of catastrophic failure and the likelihood of having to take components out of service, maximises operational efficiency, and promotes asset life extension.Over the last 40 years, We have developed world-leading capabilities in structural integrity management. We design and progress asset integrity management strategies that enable our members to avoid engineering failure, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise operating expenditure.

Joining Technologies

Welding and joining technologies are fundamental to engineering and manufacturing. Without the ability to make strong and durable connections between materials it would be impossible to produce the many different items we all rely on in our everyday lives – from the very large (buildings, pipelines, trains and bridges) to the very small (medical implants and electronic devices).We have roots in welding and joining technology and over many years has been responsible for developing and encouraging the adoption of new techniques and best practice in all industry sectors, providing its Members with the right manufacturing choices first time.

Materials and Corrosion Management

Understanding how materials behave, degrade and relate to each other is a fundamental part of the research that takes place and factors into much of the work we conduct for our Members.Whether it’s identifying what caused a component to fail, developing hydrophobic coatings for anti-graffiti applications, or identifying the optimum material for a niche application, our materials scientists have the depth of knowledge to develop solutions to all manner of materials-related problems, without compromising on safety or quality.Members benefit from our unrivalled breadth of understanding and versatility of capability: with laboratories able to examine the microscopic, and specialised testing rigs able to investigate the massive, we can take on projects of any size.


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