African company approaches for plastics welding training

A West African employment agency turned us for plastics welding training to expand its capability after investing in new equipment.

Senior plastics welding trainer  travelled to the premises of C2K Staffing in the Senegalese city of Thiès, where he provided training to six technicians to enable them to use welding machines the company had just bought from Italian company.

The training covered butt and electrofusion welding of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. Following the four-day programme each of the trainees successfully passed the relevant entry-level CSWIP exams on welding large- and small-diameter HDPE pipe.

C2K Staffing provides temporary employment services to companies operating in West Africa, with a particular focus on the mining, energy, construction and manufacturing industries. The skills acquired by the company in plastics welding will allow it to broaden the range of services it can offer its clients.

A spokesperson for the company said: ‘C2K Staffing has organised this training on HDPE welding for the purpose of having a certified, qualified team of welders as a flying squad to better assist clients during plant shutdowns or execution of improvement projects.

‘With the demand for HDPE welding techniques from local mining and construction companies, C2K Staffing is expecting to provide qualified HDPE welders and rental of the equipment to companies who can’t afford both the equipment and the training of their employees.